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About Us
Olive Tree Retail Pvt. Limited, which owns is a branded retail company that currently has 17 stores across India in metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Currently the company has two broad verticals; branded sporting goods & apparel and branded baby-care products (including children’s wear).

We believe that every baby is meant to be loved and cared with a touch of tenderness. So, is conceptualized with the purpose of providing safe and healthy products for babies. It caters to the needs of new parents and new born babies with its wide range of quality products. We provide an impressive assortment of nursing & cosmetic products, toys, books, health care, games, baby products, clothing, and new mom essentials.

When a baby is born, amidst all the excitement and overwhelming moments, a parent’s mind must be full of several queries relating to the right kind of caretaking which is needed for the little one. So along with baby products, we are here to guide the parents on how to nurture their babies in a special and safe way by enriching them with the right kind of knowledge.

We are a group of professionals with experience in both national and international retailing. We understand that a baby needs the best and it is this realization that helps us offer you the right kind of products that are essential for a baby’s care.

We are not in the race to be the “largest store” or the “biggest store”. Instead our primary goal is to become the most trusted and loved store. We will constantly talk to you, find out your needs and offer products accordingly. We will admit our mistakes and will not repeat it. We will work much harder to ensure that your baby gets the safest & the best products and make sure that you stay happy with us.

Making a baby smile is the most extraordinary job ever and we take this job very seriously.
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